Old School vs. New School – Types of To Do Lists: Part 3 of our Series

Types of To Do Lists

There are really two types of approaches to the creation of lists and we’ll hit both: Old School & New School.

Either method works. It really comes down to personal preference and what works best for you. If you have never CONSISTENTLY used either type, I’d recommend starting with New School, especially if you use your To Do List in conduction with an email system for Delegation. (Note: We’ll go into how to do that a little later.)

Old School List

An Old School List is one that is created by pen and paper. While we live in a computer based world, a written list can still be used and used quite effectively, if that is your method of choice. This type of List would be setup on a Legal or Letter yellow notepad that can be found in any office supply store. Chances are, these are already in your office.

But remember, the List is less about the list and more about HOW you use the list. We’ll go into how this list is setup shortly.

New School List

A New School List is really a “Virtual” List. Instead of using pen and paper, you use a software application in your computer. These can range from a basic Note program that came with your computer (i.e. Notes on the Mac), can be a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (better than Word because it can be sorted and has multiple columns), or it can be an actual NotePad application that works on your computer AND a mobile device (i.e. tablet or smartphone.)

Key Tip: Choose either an App that works on BOTH your computer and all of your mobile devices OR put your document in the Cloud (i.e.. Box, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.) The Goal is we want the List ACCESSIBLE from anywhere and at any time. Don’t store the List locally on your work computer.

New School Lists are now preferred method as Virtual NotePads afford users the ability to SORT by Person, Due Date/Time, and even email out of the Notepad software. You’ll understand why in a second when we go into “How” to use your To Do List.

We’ll go into HOW to setup and structure a real To Do List in the next part of our Series.



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