Free Quiz: Stress test


What's Your Stress Level Right Now?


 Stressed Out??

This test is based on a test created by Dr. Meyer Friedman and Dr. Ray Rosenman from Mt. Zion Medical Center in San Francisco. It has been updated to more recent and relevant questions.

This test will show you the level of Stress you have and how that impacts your life. It is similar to a “Type A vs. Type B” personality test but this test has been designed to measure your level of stress right now.

You can retake this test often to see how your Stress Level varies based on the issues in your life.  Also, remember, managing the Time in your life, especially your business life, can reduce the level of stress overall in your life.

Let’s see where you’re at.

I get upset when something unexpected happens.

I tend do to things always with speed, such as eating, walking and getting dressed.

I often feel like I can't control important things in my life.

I like to do things spur of the moment or with no planning, with little thought a ahead of time .

I often have no extra time to get basic grooming done such as my hair cut.

Interruptions and unplanned changes happen to me frequently.

When I'm driving, I get inpatient and sometimes even angry when someone ahead of me is driving slow.

I often multi-task, doing two or more things at once such as eating and watching TV, typing while talking on the phone, etc.

I can't stand wasting time.

I like to be on time to things, even be early.

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