Free Quiz: Time test

What is Your Urgency Level related to Time in your Life Right Now?


 How Important is Time

This test is based on a test created by Stanford University and their Time Perspective tests. It has been modified to more recent and relevant questions.

This test will show you the importance of Time in your life. Are you "sensitive" to Time? Do you move through life with a "Time Urgency?" This test has been designed to measure your level of time urgency in this moment.

You can retake this test often to see how your Time Sensitivity varies based on the issues in your life.  Also, remember, managing the Time in your life, especially your business life, can reduce the level of urgency overall in your life.

Let’s see where you’re at.

It bothers me to be late to an appointment.

I always wear a watch or check time on my smartphone.

I have problems doing nothing and just letting time go by.

I don't like tardy people or people who keep me waiting.

It upsets me to put off finishing a task.

I have my To Do Lost with me or in my smartphone.

I'm always on time or make my deadlines.

I work we'll under pressure.

I can manage many balls in the air.

When I have extra time, it's an opportunity to do more.

If I have to wait in a long line. I'll read a book or surf the internet to pass the time.

I maintain a workday schedule,with blocks of,time for,different things or projects.

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