Free Quiz: Delegation test

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Where do your Delegation skills rank?

This test is based on on tests created at Cornell University in New York that primarily measured leadership. Those tests have been modified to specifically relate to delegation skills.

This test will show you the where your Delegation skills rank. Your ability to delegate directly impacts your ability to manage teams and the ability to do so increases exponentially based on how skilled a delegator you are because leverage kicks in and increases your capacity.

You can retake this test often to see how your Delegation Skills improve over time with training.

Let’s see where you’re at.

When I delegate, I don't care about how you get the Task done, I just want it done and done right. I'm not attached to the way you do it.

When I assign a Task, I want you to report to me your progress.

I like to explain the "big picture" of WHY this Task or Project is important.

I don’t keep confidential Tasks to myself. I'll still delegate them.

It's important to weight or prioritize tasks before I assign them.

I like to define a Task fully when delegating.

I will delegate a Task far in advance of the due date.

I like to provide Feedback on a completed Task.

It's important to set the expectations for a Task and outline the consequences of a missed deadline.

I'm an unbiased delegator. I'll delegate to anyone on my team or in the company who I think can do the Task.

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