Free Quiz: Decision Making test

Decision making maze

This test is based on tests created at the University of London. It has been modified to more relevant questions specifically related to decision making.

This test will show you how strong of a Decision Maker you are and how that translates into your work life.

You can retake this test to see how your Decision Making Abilities improve with training.  Also, learning new decision making skills and strategies makes you a better Manager, Leader or Boss.

Let’s see where you’re at.

I'm slow to make decisions

I like to get everyone's opinion before I make my mind up.

I don’t asses all risks and options before I make a decision

I’m analytical. I don’t trust or go with my gut or instincts when making decisions.

Once I make my mind up, I never change it.

I take a long time to figure things out.

I don't really think about the consequences of a decision, only if it feels right.

I like to get "buy in" from stakeholders or owners on big decisions.

Important decisions can keep me up at night.

Once I make a decision, I don’t like to create Action Plans. I leave that to others.

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