21st Century To Do List Management Series: Part 1

Using a To Do List is about as overused in business as sports metaphors. It seems everyone has one and a preferred method.

But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover that most people don’t really use their Lists.

Or, they use them ineffectively.

Finally, there’s a minority that are actually slaves to their Lists. Regardless of where you fall, statistics predict you aren’t using your List to its fullest potential. In fact, if you have any issues with overwhelm or delegation issues in your role, then in all likelihood you aren’t using a To Do List properly.

This is a common challenge. There aren’t schools for To Do Lists. Only if you’ve experimented or been lucky enough for someone how they use a proper List, have you even had a glimpse of how a List can really be used.

That’s all about to change. You’ll never use but more importantly, approach your To Do List the same again after learning these straightforward systems. It only requires an open mind and discipline to then implement.


Most people think of To Do Lists as merely lists. A compiling of things to do. You use some tracking system, whether on paper or on a computer, to document the things you need to do or have others do. You add more as new things come up and remove or cross out items as they are completed or no longer relevant. All of this is true, but only on the surface.

To Do Lists are excellent mechanisms for tracking. While email is another superb device, To Do Lists can be used either independently or in conjunction with an email system. We’ll go into both shortly.

95% of people ONLY use a To Do List to track tasks. But that is only a “one-dimensional” way to use the list and eliminates its most valuable trait: A To Do List is an excellent method to track Delegation.

It is the Delegation component of a To Do List that will rocket not on your ability to delegate but your overall job efficiency and effectiveness to an entirely new and higher level. It really will transform your work and move your from using a list like an amateur to a Pro.

So, the key takeaway is that you are going to learn HOW to use a To Do List to track two things:

  • Tasks
  • Delegation- both Resource & Due Date/Time

We’ll go into more details in the next part of this Series.


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